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 Jainal Gosaliya.
HI! Welcome to my Portfolio Website.
I am Jainal Gosaliya and i am currently in second year in Computer Science at BITS EDU CAMPUS Vadodara.

All about the passion , interest and love for solving the global problems through the power of code
Facing the problem of lack of community, I along with my friends started a Student Developer Club in the Campus. Club DevBytes
Its all about code - Build - Deploy . Because starting something small eventually leads to something big. Its all about changing lives through code.

Thats Me!

Special Skills

Web Development

Web Development skills such as Making resposive websites using Bootstrap and static site generators such as Hugo and Jekyll 
Also Basic Web Apps with React.js

Android Development 

Making Android application using android studio and database fuctionality such as firebase and IOT android application using MIT appinventor.

Native Development

Native Application Development For IOS and Android using Flutter and QT .